Emilie Zoé – Dead End Tape

Hooray! Finally, a girl on the very manly roster of Freakarus Records! Please welcome the lovely, but teethgrinding Emilie Zoé! I keep asking myself: why are there not more women in rock? Or why are there not more animals in bands? I’d love to see a cat band or even a mixed animal band. Imagine a giraffe on drums, a snail on guitar, a bear on bass and a dolphin at the keys?

But at the same time I keep asking myself, why are snacks not healthy? You know, I’d rather eat a freakin’ mars bar, than an apple. I’m getting off topic and this is getting outta hand! Time to take my pills!

We are very proud and happy to present to you the new Album of Emilie Zoé! It is called “Dead End Tape” and it’s totally gonna rock your socks!

This Release is a collaboration with Hummus Records! What a way to overcome the infamous Röschtigraben.. You can order the Vinyl right here: Mailorder.


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