Naked in English Class


We’re really happy that NiEC is now a member of the Ikarus family.
Their first album ‘Counterfactuals’ is now available in our mailorder. You can order it as vinyl, CD or download it on bandcamp.
Their second album will be released in spring 2017 – we’re really looking forward to it.


Kid Ikarus

Very sad news from the Kid Ikarus Headquarters. Everything is gonna change or maybe not… We are so thankful for all the music and the good memories.

“This Is It
As Michael Jackson put it perfectly: This is it! After 13 years we’re calling it quits, we’re pulling the plug and we’re breaking up. We will play our very last show at the 10th of October at Boschbar in Zürich.
Thank you very much for listening! Signing off from space station – over and out.”


So we will meet you all at the Boschbar in October!!

Loud, live, lord

Hey there

Check out the new live-video featuring the Lord and his drums. Premiered by Loud and Quiet Magazine:

Emilie Zoé – Dead End Tape

Hooray! Finally, a girl on the very manly roster of Freakarus Records! Please welcome the lovely, but teethgrinding Emilie Zoé! I keep asking myself: why are there not more women in rock? Or why are there not more animals in bands? I’d love to see a cat band or even a mixed animal band. Imagine a giraffe on drums, a snail on guitar, a bear on bass and a dolphin at the keys?

But at the same time I keep asking myself, why are snacks not healthy? You know, I’d rather eat a freakin’ mars bar, than an apple. I’m getting off topic and this is getting outta hand! Time to take my pills!

We are very proud and happy to present to you the new Album of Emilie Zoé! It is called “Dead End Tape” and it’s totally gonna rock your socks!

This Release is a collaboration with Hummus Records! What a way to overcome the infamous Röschtigraben.. You can order the Vinyl right here: Mailorder.


Borderline Symphony

Ladies and Gentlemen
Please put your hands together for the new selftitled Borderline Symphony Album. But beware, since this is a dangerous record. Mocking Popmusic on the one hand, but at the same time sneakily exploiting some of Pophistory’s finest moments, this album will keep you on your toes. So, you better be watchin’ yer backs, my friends and buy the record at your favorite record store or here: Mailorder. Vinyl & download.
Frontcover-Borderline Symphony-1440x1440-300dpi

Kid Ikarus – Playback Dreams

Ladies and Gentlemen

It’s time to meet the new Kid Ikarus! They are back with a bang! The new album is quite different whereas it still stands very much for the bands urge to experience the harmonic and melodic beauty of dynamic music. But this time it’s a dark beauty.. quite a monster. And it’s Grand! We are very proud to release the new Record of these veterans. You can order “Playback Dreams” on CD or Vinyl with download here.

Kid Ikarus_Album_Cover

Be sure to make it to the release concert next Thursday 22nd of April at Bogen F in Zürich. Lord Kesseli and the Drums will be there as well. And let me tell you… who’s not there is missing out on something big!

Release Shows:

28. April 2016 Kid Ikarus Release Show with Lord Kesseli and the drums
Bogen F, 8005 Zürich

29. April 2016 Kid Ikarus and Lord Kesseli And The Drums
Industriestrasse, Luzern

4. Mai 2016 Kid Ikarus with Lord Kesseli and the drums
Kraftfeld, 8400 Winterthur