Sister Ikarus In A Field

We are very excited to announce a small concert series that we arranged with our friends and fellows from  swiss indie labels Oh Sister and A Tree In A Field. There will be three nights in three different cities in October with a band from each label sharing the stage:

Do 8.10.15
Zürich – Bogen F
– Doomenfels
– Wavering Hands
– Yuri Member

Do 8.10.15
Bern – Rössli
– Silver Firs
– Perfect Disaster Boy
– Aie ça Gicle

Sa 10.10.15
Basel – Kaschemme
– Combineharvester
– Silver Firs
– DJ Papiro

Perfect Disaster Boy – Return To Zero

And on it goes…

We are very proud to release the first Record of Perfect Disaster Boy! “Return To Zero” is ready for your turntables. Ten Songs in a unique style to be discovered and loved. Available on 12″-Vinyl only. Order here. But no worries… if you buy the LP you’ll get a digital download as well. Anyways… go buy yourself a turntable! Then buy the record. It’s Worth it!


The Release Show will be at the Gaswerk in Winterthur on Friday,  May 29th 2015. A lovely evening with Ad Hoc and the Perfect Disaster Gang.

Come and see!

ENO – From The Lower Earth And Ocean

Today the new ENO Record “From The Lower Earth And Ocean” is officially out. Heavy double-Vinyl with download included in a wonderful artwork. It’s limited to 250 copies.. Check:


Order here in our Mailorder.

The Releaseshow will be on June 3rd at the Hafenkneipe in Zürich. Tickets: Starticket.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!!

ENO – Northlands Old And Toothless Wizard

Eno made a wonderfull video for “Northlands Old And Toothless Wizard” of the upcoming album “From The Lower Earth And Ocean”. Watch and enjoy! And you can order the new LP right here… order today and you’ll hold it in your hands by the releasedate! Here we go!

Hello Again

Everything changes… or maybe not

A brand new Website, even newer and fresher releases coming soon. Promising start to the season..
Stay tuned for an exiting spring and summertime!

Perfect Disaster Boy on Tour

Perfect Disaster Boy on tour in Germany. Check the dates! He’ll be sharing the stage with the wonderful swiss duo AdHoc. Come and see and hear and have a drink and a chat…


06.10.14 – Zucker, Darmstadt
08.10.14 – Cafe Lichtung, Köln
09.10.14 – Spec Ops, Münster
10.10.14 – Weinberg Krug, Kassel
11.10.14 – Westquartier, Stuttgart
13.10.14 – Portier, Winterthur

2014 Germany Tourplakat

10 Years Ikarus Records Runde vier

This Friday: the last round on our celebration-rollercoaster. Once again we want to invite you all to celebrate with us. This time we share the stage with our friends from Dans La Tente. The local heroes will open the evening for Davv and Yakari. Come and enjoy the show at the Sedel in Luzern.


10 Years Ikarus Records Round Three

On to the next round…
This Saturday at the Klubi in Zurich: The next stop on our Anniversary-Journey features live appearances from the lovely ENO and our old stalemate Duara. A Set from DJ Boogaloo will guide you through the neverending Klubi-Night afterwards. So come and enjoy!

10 years poster Klubi