We welcome The Lord!!

2016 starts with a BANG!

We are very proud and honoured to welcome the mighty Lord Kesseli and the Drums to our Roster! We are impatiently looking forward to release their new Album on our Label. Finally some new blood in the Ikarus family. It was about time..


Vinyl and Download will be available from March 4th in our Mailordersection.

Some angry Science Fiction Music with Popappeal! The Release Concert is scheduled on March 5th at the Palace in St. Gallen. Be there.. we will! The Single is already out in Space. Check it out and feel like fading into the Universe and mate with the stars:

More exciting Things are about to happen in Spring! A new Kid Ikarus Release is on the brink of hitting the Charts. Borderline Symphony will finally release a Full Length in May. And there are Rumours about the Duara Guys working on new Material as well. So fasten your seatbelt and grab your helmet.. it’s about to get bumpy!

soon. /ikrec

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