Floorbrothers – Ultimate floor

Out today: Digital single and video for Floorbrothers song «Ultimate Floor». Watch the video and buy the single here: Ikarus Records Bandcamp. It’s a song about friendship and playing music with your buddies. «Ultimate Floor» was recorded and mixed by Floorbrothers at River Sound Studio and mastered by David Pajo at Gargot Studio LA, CA. We hope you enjoy it!

And stay tuned for the upcoming Album. We are Excited and about to be floored!


Happy Release Day!

Naked in English Class’ third album SELFING is out now (vinyl, CD, stream and download).
Listen and buy SELFING here.

Or even better – order it directly from our mailorder and listen to it on your stereo. In your living room. Sometimes in your kitchen or your shower. Or maybe even in your bedroom – although you wouldn’t want to sleep whilst doing so…


(or buy it in any good record store of course)!

Live dates:
25th May Auawirleben Theaterfestival Bern
26th May Release Show1 Monkey Bar Basel
2nd June Release Shwo2 Cardinal Schaffhausen
9th June Wirtschaft zum Transit Zürich
21th July Gommer Open Air Lax
15th September Un-FassBar Soundkneipe Singen
22th September El Lokal Zürich


Rächt extrem makes music with lyrics in swiss german.. so there’s no point in explaining anything in english here.. you won’t understand a word anyways… so:

Heute veröffentlicht unser neustes Ikarus-Mitglied RÄCHT EXTREM sein Debutalbum.
Die CD kommt in einem spannenden Magazin und wenn man es gelesen hat, kann man es zu einem Poster auffalten. Fancy und richtig grossartig. “Bunte” und “Glückspost” sind von gestern! New Kids read “rächt extrem”..
Am besten ihr bestellt es euch direkt ins haus mitsamt der CD und dem pelzigen Beigeschmack! We love it! Hier klicken und am besten gleich den ganzen Katalog bestellen!

Das RÄCHT EXTREM Album ist auch als Stream/Download auf allen gängigen Plattformen erhältlich.

Rächt Extrem

Meine Damen und Herren:
Stolz präsentieren wir euch (beinahe) die erste schwiizerdütsche Veröffentlichung auf Ikarus Records:
Rächt Extrem mit ihrem Debutalbum Huia Huia Tscha Tscha Tscha. Offizieller Veröffentlichungstermin ist der 18.Mai (CD).
Aber: Rächt Extrem taufen ihr Album schon heute und zwar im Punto in Bern. Türöffnung: 21Uhr
Hier das Video der Single “Gascho:

Rächt Extrem spielen auch noch am 11.Mai an den Solothurner Literaturtage (n).
Rächt Extrem Homepage: https://www.raechtextrem.ch

Naked in English Class – Psycho

Today is Releasetime for the single PSYCHO of the upcoming album SELFING (out May 25th)

listen and download from our bandcamp site or on a bazillion of other streaming platforms in the interweb.

enjoy the video:

duara – herbscht

When we founded the label thirteen years ago. Duara was already a five year old chappie with a few demotapes in it’s bag. Now a good decade later, when bands have come and gone and vinyl has surpassed CD’s again, when downloads and streams rule the business, Duara is still going strong and far away from being part of the old guard. Still deconstructing and reinventing their music as the band became a fully grown adult with now eighteen years on it’s back.

Today the band presents it’s tenth release on Ikarus Records. What a feat!

As always it’s very good craftsmanship as they steer through their compact and powerful arrangements with the feel of an ease. A lighthearted, open and honest production suits the songs perfectly and makes it a growing experience as you listen to the record repeatedly..

You can order the Record here: Mailorder. Or buy it directly from the band at their releaseconcert. It’s available on vinyl only but comes with a downloadcode. We celebrate the Releaseconcert on November 25th in Frauenfeld at KAFF in Frauenfeld.

See you there!

upcoming concerts:

Releaseconcert – KAFF Frauenfeld, with Granium

Boschbar – Zürich

Kraftfeld Winterthur, with Ester Poly

Ester Poly – Pique Dame

We are very honoured to present the newest member of the Ikarus Records family. Today we release the debut of Ester Poly. “Pique Dame” is a rollercoaster ride with lovesongs, slutwalks, whichcraft and a jazzy load of soul. But enough punch and rock and roll to make you wanna dance at times..

Order the record here and listen for yourself. It’s availabe on CD or Vinyl. (Maybe you need to wait a bit for the vinyl.. pressing plants.. you know)

Visit their release concert at Palazzo Bowling & Beat Club in Chur on October 6th. That is Today, YAY

Release tour:

06.10.2017 Palazzo Beat Club | Seilerbahnweg 7 | Chur
09.10.2017 Boschbar | Sihlquai 240 | Zürich
13.10.2017 Shadock | Presqu’île A. Malraux 25| F-Strasbourg
18.10.2017 L’Entre-Deux | Jaquet-Droz 27 | La Chaux-de-Fonds
20.10.2017 KAFF | Grabenstrasse 57 | Frauenfeld
28.10. 2017 Frauenraum Reitschule Festival Bern
14.11.2017 Kafe Marat | Thalkirchner Strasse 104 | DE-München
16.11.2017 Rhiz | U-Bahnbogen 37 | AUT-Wien
28.11.2017 Urgence Disk | Usine 4 volontaires | Genève
29.11.2017 Punto | Thunstrasse 104 | Bern
02.12.2017 648 Café | Peillonnex 72 | F-Marcellaz
12.12.2017 Dynamo (Werk 21) | Wasserwerks. 21 | Zürich

Dear John

Check out the new Video of Lord Kesseli And The Drums. Give the Lord four minutes of your time and soul and you’ll be enlightened. You can download the song here.

Naked in English Class

Today is different. But today is good. Because its the day we release the new ‘Naked in English Class’ record. “Othering”. You know ‘Ostschweiz’? Better check em out! New Record available on Vinyl and CD in our Mailorder.

Record launch concerts:

1. April 2017 – Monkey Bar, 4051 Basel
8. April 2017 – Club Cardinal, 8200 Schaffhausen

Everybody DANCE now!!