Naked In English Class – Othering

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Naked In English Class

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1. baby i feel good
2. long tall shorty
3. people take warning
4. jack i’m mellow
5. ooo eee
6. never talking to you again
7. othering
8. chango
9. atomic baby
10. country death song
11. sen’ me to the ‘lectric chair
12. new kind of water
13. voyager

recorded at startrack studio (peoples recording studio) schaffhousan in 2016
and 2017.
baby i feel good, voyager, new kind of water, othering and ooo eee:
lyrics and music by taranja wu and olifr m. guz. all other songs copyright
samples by several artists you don’t know and probably never will.
quotes by writers you might have read but can’t remember.
instruments and vocals by taranja wu and olifr m. guz.
mastered by gavin maitland.

available on CD or Vinyl.

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