Naked in English Class – s/t

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Naked In English Class – s/t
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1. I cant’s breathe
2. Ramble and roam
3. Who’s been taking
4. E29
5. So glad
6. Hollow Boy Hollow
7. Do the bee
8. Safety pin stuck in my heart
9. Mothlight
10. I kiss a door
11. Where were You

On NAKED in ENGLISH CLASS, Olifr M. Guz and Taranja Wu have refined their sound: driven by strobo-punk beats, the songs chase us through the surreal soundscape of NiEC. Above everything, helicopters circling at a threatening depth as whirring, hissing and creaking sounds mingle with their singing.
NAKED in ENGLISH CLASS make the soundtrack to which we dance on our way to a dystopian world.

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