Emilie Zoé - Dead End Tape

CHF 20.00

Emilie Zoé IKREC4416LP 12″-Vinyl

1. My Shadow On The Wall
2. The River
3. Chop Me Up
4. I Found A Girl
5. My Littel Liar
6. Hold Me Tight
7. Last Night We Talked
8. I Cried In My Beard
9. Do You Still Sing
10. Zara
11. It’s Only Me On A Dead-End Tape

Songs Written By Emilie Zoé. Recorded and mixed by Louis Jucker at „Le Glaucal“, Courfaivre, Jura, Switzerland, 12.2014. Mastered by Morgan Hug. Artwork by Romain Berger, Laure Jolissaint, Emilie Zoé

12″ Vinyl

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