Naked In English Class - Counterfactuals

CHF 17.00 - CHF 23.00

Naked In English Class IKREC4516 CD/12″-Vinyl


1. Outrageous Sin
2. Scared As Hell
3. Jealous Of The Sun
4. Gimme Danger
5. Winter Tears
6. When Doves Cry
7. Fujiyama Mama
8. Dancing Like Skeletons
9. Wake Up
10. The Old Laughing Lady
11. I’m Against It

Performed by taranja wu and olifr. m. guz
Recorded at startrack studios shaffhousen (peoples recording studio) 2016. produced by taranja wu and olifr m. guz. instruments and vocals by naked in english class. samples by several artists you don’t know and probably never will.

available on CD or Vinyl.

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