ASSIGNMENTS is a new project from Phil Hayes (Phil Hayes & The Trees).

Phil wrote to some fel­low artist col­leagues around the planet and asked them for an as­sign­ment – the ti­tle and first line of a song – Maybe there’s a song they’’d like to hear that no-one’s writ­ten yet?  

ASSIGNMENTS #1 contains seven songs written by Phil after song titles and and first lines were suggested by;

Jacob Wren – a writer and performance-maker based in Montreal.

Paloma Ayala – an artist focusing on social-based artistic practices, originally from Mexico, now based in Switzerland

Charbel Haber – a composer, performer and songwriter from Beirut, Lebanon.

Erin Hawkins, – a writer and teacher living in Ontario, Canada

Renée van Trier – a musician, performer and painter from Tilburg, Netherlands




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Releases on Ikarus Records:


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